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Schmidt Biomedical Consulting is pleased to offer contract wear testing through a cooperative agreement with AMTI (, the leading manufacturer of joint simulators.


Screening wear tests for optimization of coatings, surface treatments, and material composition are performed on the 6 station AMTI OrthoPOD. This equipment features programmable load waveforms and motion pathways.


Long term wear testing of new designs and materials for hip and knee replacement components are conducted on the 12 station AMTI hip simulator and 6 station AMTI knee simulator. Both machines have 2 independent sample banks which can be programmed separately.


All tests are conducted in compliance with the latest ASTM and ISO standard test methods. Wear debris isolation and analysis can be performed upon request.


Consulting services for designing customized testing conditions are available. In addition, other types of specialized bench testing equipment can be developed according to client needs.

AMTI Hip Simulator
AMTI Knee Simulator

Photos courtesy of AMTI


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